Welcome to àlaroche

àlaroche exists to create useful, beautiful, handmade objects from wood and paper.
Everything we produce is hand made in small quantities. Until October 2015, everything we produced was on commission – so it’s unlikely you will have seen us in any stores or online. We have now launched our website to showcase a range of products that we hold in stock so are readily available. We will also be attending a range of craft fairs so you can meet us – and our handmade books and wooden articles – in person. We still produce commission pieces as well, so if you’re after something a little out of the ordinary, please get in touch.

Our books are made using traditional techniques which date back many centuries. We seek out interesting papers and materials to ensure that the books all have a distinctive àlaroche look to them.

Our wooden objects are typically made sustainable French oak or reclaimed oak from old buildings that have been demolished. Hand tools are much in evidence, but we do draw the line at foot operated lathes! But our main lathe was built in the 1950s so probably qualifies as ‘traditional’.

At the moment, the site does not offer full online purchasing, but this will be added in November 2015. If you see anything you’d like to buy, click the link by the relevant product and we aim to respond within 2 hours.

Thanks for visiting, and à bientôt.